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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Throwback Thursday 3-11

Today's Throwback goes H.A.M. I'm on this WB kick for this month, so I might as well roll with it. When I was animating commercials for Cartoon Network, I was the go to guy to animate Porky Pig. He is hands down the hardest character to animate. Stuttering made for a lot of accent and anticipation poses along with keeping track of lipsync. Below is one of my favorite Porky episodes.

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Hobo Divine said...

No Cartoon animal is complete unless they are partially naked!

My favourite Porky Pig cartoon is where he ends the Hatfield and McCoy feud with a "love grenade".

Great artwork!
Thanks for posting!

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I like this cartoon. it is simple and funny .... haha

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remember the fox and ham.. funny cartoon

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